A new era of understanding and living with dogs has arrived and, hopefully, a world where there are fewer unwanted dogs!

Dogs are so much more than “walkies” and a bowl of kibble!

So, get ready to take a deep dive into your dog’s personality, and see them as you’ve never seen them before.

With a Foreword written by Dr Isla Fishburn, and a chapter on food that has been reviewed by Dr W Jean Dodds as “Excellent”, Beyond the Breed is not just another dog training book.  Neither is it a book full of baffling, technical jargon.

Beyond the Breed will give you a unique insight into the inner workings of your dog, revealing their real “character” – their Functional Character.

This book will explain why Functional Characters play a significant part in a dog’s learning, socialising, training, and lifetime care, and how you can “tailor” all of these to suit your dog.

Recognising your dog’s Functional Character is a radical new way to understand them, how they tick, and their capabilities, at a deeper level.

The knowledge of Functional Characters helps…

  • puppy owners accurately choose which Character is right for their family and lifestyle
  • rescue dogs find their “forever home” more easily
  • working sector dogs thrive in a role that suits them best

… and, maybe, as a result, we could reduce the need for so many dog rescue centres.

Our regular Functional Character workshops restart soon with a 3-day event 29-31 May, and the book is an excellent accompaniment to these.  For more details on our workshops, or to host one for your group or club, please contact us at or on mobile 07555 506456


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